Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Tired of having the same fried dish ?
Wanna try something fresh?
Then come on and head on down to Steamboat Empire @ Gem In Mall Cyberjaya !

Located at the Ground floor of the mall, this restaurant offers fresh seafood buffet style with a very comfortable clean and cozy environment to enjoy your food. The place is comfortably huge so you dont have to worry about the seating if you're bringing more pax for your friends and family. Stepping into the place , you will be greeted with a handful of friendly waitresses and hostess to serve you and make sure you have the best enjoyable experiences eating here.

As you can see they offers variant of seafood, veggies, and also dessert, apart from that , they also have ice cream and free water refill ! wuhuuu !

Fresh seafood everydayyy ! You just can't get any better than this ! 

Once you picked out your choice of foods, you can also choose whether to have plain soup or tom yam soup for the steam session. This is a similar kind of style with Johnny's but with their own unique offers !

What I love most about this place besides the food of course, is the clean environment and a very warm and cozy feeling . Look at how simple yet very eye-friendly it is to have a seating like this.

They also provide mini playground for kids insde the restaurant (:

                                    Before I forgot, 
Tadaaaa ! A must try in their menus ! (:
Speaking of Menus....
Ahaaa ! Everything is explained in one card slide ! (: 

So for those who are in Cyberjaya area, don't hesitate to drop by ! Until then food hunters , toddles ! 

Address : Gem In Mall, Mutiara Ville, Persiaran Sepang, Cyber 11, 63300 Cyberjaya
Reservations : 03-8320 9881
Email : steamboatempire@gmail.com



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